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Top 5 iPhone Apps for Horse Riders 2013

Horse riding might seem like something far removed from your Apple iPhone but like most sport and activities these days “There’s an app for that.” If your a regular visitor here you’ll know that I mostly write about and review riding boots for women but even a simple girl like me likes to keep up with the latest bells and whistles and I do love my iPhone.
Apps for horse riders 2013

So what are the best horse riding apps for the Apple iPhone and iPad?

Horse riders can now use apps to learn how to ride, find horse riding trails and even to send alerts in case they are in trouble. Like everything else, not all horse riding apps are equal so we took some time to look at some of the highest selling ones and compare what they have to offer. We were able to come up with 5 that are the best and have more to offer than the rest.

1. Horse Rider SOS

This is a great app if you are concerned about safety; it can be used to alert a guardian in case you fall off your horse. It is easy to use; open the app and press start just as you are taking off for your horse ride. It will track all your movements and so long as you keep moving, the app will track every trail that you take. In case you should fall off your horse or get into some other kind of trouble that stops you from moving, the app sends a signal to a guardian (the app allows you to input the name and number of a guardian to be contacted). The app is prepared for false alarms; before an alert is sent out, it allows you to cancel the alert.

2. HorseHub

Horsehub is an app for all things equestrian; there is information and horse riding tips from some of the world’s top riders. It is also a place horse lovers can go for some fun and entertainment. Some of the content is free and some you have to pay for but there is nothing expensive on there. It allows you to enjoy audio and video training tips, you get reference materials and you also get information about equestrian entertainment events around you.

3. 100 Things Your Horse Wants You To Know – 100% Horsemanship

This 5 star app is just as its name says: it is all about the things that your horse would want you to know. Suitable for pleasure riders, showjumpers, eventers and dressagers, it contains all kinds of information about taking care of your horse and making sure that it is comfortable. It looks at a horse’s life through its eyes, and you will find topics like “Let the horse move his feet if he needs to, but do it in a useful way”, or “If you relax when you ask, the horse will relax when they respond.”

4. Equisketch Dressage

 This app is all about dressage so if you are learning how to maneuver a horse, this is a great app to use. It allows you to create your own dressage test, study for it and then animate it to see how you perform. Equisketch Dressage allows to monitor all your movements along the track so that you can see the areas that need improvement. Additionally, you can share your test with other app users so that you can get to see how they are doing and them you.

5. iHorse Rider

This is a series of apps that is used is great for training horses. The makers of the app acknowledge that you can’t train a horse using just an app, but the apps are designed to help you train your horse faster and better. iHorse Rider is the most basic and it teaches the fundamentals of horse training and riding. iHorse Rider 2 is all about your shoulders – it teaches you the correct movement for better control and also how to strengthen them. iHorse Rider 3 focuses on the hunches and teaches you how they should be positioned for optimum movement. The last in the series, helps with lateral movement; it gives step by step instructions all lateral movements.
These 5 apps are excellent for horse riders who want to become better riders. If you know of any other great horse riding apps that you think I missed please add them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check them out.

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