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Justin Boots Womens Gypsy Boot Review

Wearing Cowgirl boots – The one thing every woman needs in her closet is a pair of cowgirl boots. Not only are they elegant and classy, but they can be worn in a variety of ways and can transform a simple outfit to a stunning look. When worn in the right place and setting they are great footwear, but if not, they can end up looking clumsy and ridiculous.

These boots are great and can be worn in a variety of occasions including a fun day at the fair, a first date, a fun night out with the girls or any place you need a nice comfortable pair of shoes.

Wearing Cowboy Boots for Women.

Some of the best way to wear cowboy boots include

  1. Wearing them under your jeans to look like high heels and give you a bit of height, while still remaining casual. This look works best with long, wide leg or flared jeans. Having the toe of the boots peeping from under your jeans will make your legs look longer and thinner which is always great.
  2. Worn over your jeans. If you are hiding a pair of last season’s skinny jeans, you can tuck them into the boot. Calf length, pointed toe cowboy boots are a classy choice for this look and can be paired with a structured hand bag and a dark leather jacket. If you do not have a pair of skinny jeans you can try a pair of regular straight jeans folded over and tucked to show off the jeans.
  3. Worn with a dress loose flowery dress. This is a personal favorite for most women celebrities. The boots can be worn with a shorter length dress to give off a flirty and feminine look. Ensure the dress length is neither to long that it fails to show off the boot, nor to short that it looks slutty. Pick something that shows off a bit of leg skin, is flowing and non-form fitting for the best look. For this particular look, try a pair of boots that is a single color and not too bold.
  4. Wearing them with leggings or tights. This is more daring look but can also be extremely rewarding. Try a pair of brightly colored tights worn under a plain pair of boots and paired with a simple short dress or cardigan. Keep the outfit color simple because the boots already make a statement on their own.
  5. Wearing them with your little black dress. You can still create an elegant, sleek sexy look when you wear your wear your little black dress with a pair of sheer tights and black or red cowboy boots. It is a cute, casual look and will easy bring out your personality without being overly done. Avoid wearing too much stuff on top of the dress to keep the look simple and understated.

How NOT to wear your cowgirl boots

When picking an outfit to wear with your new cowgirl boots, here are a few things you should NOT do.

  1. Do not try wearing the boots to try and get a cowboy theme. You are trying to incorporate the shoes into an outfit so leave out the super short dukes and the checkered tops. That is a very cliché and over the top look
  2. Avoid wearing the boots with a loud outfit. Keep the rest of the outfit simple as the boots already make a statement and should be the focus of the outfit.
  3. Avoid wearing them on a day to day basis. Your cowgirl boots are a one off outfit that ideally should be worn when you want to switch up your footwear. Avoid wearing them every day so you do not wear them out or get branded the cowboy boot girl.

Remember if you are short or have short legs, wear boots with a shaft height of less than 10 inches. Shorter boots elongate your legs and add to your length. Remember to wear boot socks with the boots to protect your leg from rubbing against the boot. However, do not be afraid to improvise and create new looks.

Video: The do’s and dont’s of wearing womens Cowboy boots

Where to buy the best Cowgirl boots

And that folks is how to wear cowgirl boots.

I hope you found this guide useful and come back soon for more tips. You can check out the latest western riding boots we have reviewed on this page and don’t forget to sign up with your email address below to find out when we release new riding boot reviews.

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